Welcome to MyLight.Website, my name is Kev Quirk and I wrote this entire website by hand to prove that you can still have a good looking, functional website that is quick and light too.

This entire website is less than 0.5 MB in size and it contains absolutely no JavaScript!

This site doesn't include any Google call outs either - all fonts are served and rendered locally. So if you're a privacy person, like me, there ain't no Google here! This site also scores 99% for mobile and a perfect 100% for desktop on Google PageSpeed Insights.

Once I decided I was going to build this website, I thought it would be a good idea to write a series on my blog about how to build a website just like this one, from scratch.

If you want to start working through my Making A Website series, use the Start Here link in the menu bar above. The series is integrated into this website and is designed to be a supplement to the posts on my blog (links available on the downloads page). You will start with an extremely simple website, and end with a site that looks just like this.

All work on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0, which provides the following freedoms if you wish to use any of this content:

Example Attribution

An acceptable attribution license would be something similar to the following:

Credit to Kev Quirk for the original work.

With the plain text HTML looking like the following:

Credit to <a href="https://kevq.uk">Kev Quirk</a> for the original work.